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November 26, 2023 0 Comments

When it comes to planning a successful party, one of the key elements to consider is the food. And if you want to take your party to the next level, party food boxes are a fantastic option. They not only add a fun and personalised touch to your event but also make it easy for your guests to enjoy delicious snacks on the go. 

But what should be put in party food boxes to ensure everyone leaves with a smile? In this article, we’ll explore some of the best things to include in these delightful containers that will leave your guests raving about your party for weeks to come.

1. Macarons

Giselle Richardson, a renowned baker based in London, suggests starting with macarons. These bite-sized delights are perfect for party food boxes as they are easy to handle and provide a variety of flavours to suit different tastes. 

Consider options like caramel apple, fudge brownie, coffee ginger or Earl Grey for a playful twist. Make sure to wrap them to keep them fresh and mess-free.

2. Finger Foods

Party food boxes are all about convenience, so finger foods are a must. Opt for items like mini quiches, chicken tenders, or mozzarella sticks. These savoury treats are delicious and easy to eat while mingling at the party. 

To add some pizzazz, include dipping sauces like ranch, barbecue, or honey mustard to complement these delectable bites.

3. Fruit and Veggie Cups

For a refreshing and healthier option, Giselle Richardson recommends including fruit and veggie cups. Fill these small containers with colourful fruit salad, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, or cucumber slices. Not only do they add a pop of colour to your party food boxes, but they also provide a light and nutritious snack that your guests will appreciate amidst the indulgent treats.

4. Sweet Treats

No party is complete without some sweet treats, and party food boxes are no exception. Include an assortment of cookies, brownie bites, or mini cupcakes. You can even add some candy or chocolate bars for an extra dose of sweetness. Make sure to include a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

5. Popcorn and Snack Mixes

Consider popcorn and snack mixes for a fun and crunchy addition to your party food boxes. You can create your own popcorn flavours like caramel, cheddar, or spicy buffalo. Pair them with a mixture of nuts, pretzels, and dried fruits to create a delightful snack mix that will keep your guests munching throughout the party.

6. Personalized Goodies

To make your party food boxes truly special, personalise them with items that reflect the theme or occasion. You can include custom stickers, labels, or even small trinkets like keychains or mini toys. Personalised goodies not only make your guests feel appreciated but also add a unique touch to your event.

7. Beverages

Don’t forget to quench your guests’ thirst by including beverages in your party food boxes. Bottled water, juice boxes, or even mini soda cans are great options to consider. You can also add a fun twist by including mini bottles of sparkling cider or a themed cocktail for adult parties. Just make sure to secure them properly to prevent any spills.

8. Dietary Options

It’s essential to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions when deciding what to put in party food boxes. Include a variety of options, such as gluten-free snacks, vegan treats, or nut-free choices, to ensure that all your guests can enjoy the contents of their boxes. Clearly label each box with dietary information to make it easy for your guests to choose accordingly.

9. Party Favors

Consider adding a small party favour to make your party food boxes even more memorable. It could be a mini party hat, a festive noisemaker, or a thank-you note for attending. These thoughtful touches will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make your party food boxes a cherished keepsake.

Wrapping Up

When deciding what to put in party food boxes, it’s essential to strike a balance between flavours, convenience, and personalisation. By following the suggestions of party planning expert Giselle Richardson, you can create party food boxes that are not only delicious but also reflect the theme and style of your event.