Decadent Dark Chocolate TrufflesAt Sweet Decadence we believe the best chocolate in the world comes from skilled hands and a grateful heart. We take great pride in our passion, offering the highest quality chocolate, complemented by subtle flavors guaranteed to please, hand crafted daily in our shop. Try our irresistible milk and dark chocolate confections alone, with a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or tea. They also make the perfect gift sold in boxes of 2 pieces and up.

This is a just sampling of the chocolate delights in our shop. Come visit us to see our full selection which is added to frequently.

Kasie Ann Caramels – with or without salt
This original Sweet Decadence namesake creation is a buttery, creamy sensation that delights the most discerning palate.

Our Signature Jo Cool
Amazing peanut butter with a creamy finish and wonderful crispy crunch. Ask about our dear friend, Josephine Cool, and her superb peanut butter candy.

Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry Truffles
Three of our most popular smooth, fruity, perfectly textured truffles. These all pair nicely with red wine, especially Syrah.

Team M.I.N.T
Surprisingly smooth Crème de Menthe with a peppermint finish. Excellent finish to a satisfying meal … or Super Bowl win.

Aztec Spicy
Starts with the sweetness of an orange then finishes with a surprise of cayenne. Anyone who tastes this can’t get enough.

Port Truffle
Wow your taste buds with this specialty in milk chocolate with a port flavored dark chocolate ganash.

Toasted Coconut Truffle
This delicacy amazes most who sample the irresistible blend of chocolate coconut goodness.

Kahlua, Rum, Amaretto Truffles
One taste and you are hooked on the delight of these tantalizing liquor treats.

Gummy Spa
This sweet little delight will impress even the youngest confection lover. They simply can’t resist this treat!

And so many more!

Items available by special order include the chocolate wine bottle featured in this video: